Hosting by Real People & for Real People with Paul Yuen

Paul in Michigan

When it comes to custom WordPress design or theme development, Paul Yuen is our go-to person. He joined Agathon Group in 2010 as Art Director, igniting a rebranding of the company, and creation of the first illustrations of Marvin. Today, he consults with our WordPress hosting clients to strategize, advise, and implement branding and website designs that support their business goals.

WordPress Backups for Peace of Mind

AGhosted WordPress Plugin Picks

When the WordPress dashboard alerts you to update a plugin, or WordPress core, it’s tempting to click “Update Now”, and be on your way. But did you know that taking a moment before updating, and running a one-time backup can save you from losing years of posts, pages, and comments when an update goes awry?

Hosting by Real People & for Real People with Joel Boonstra

Joel in France

Joel Boonstra joined Agathon Group nearly 12 years ago, when the company was a two-person operation. He was the first employee hire and, before long, was invited to become a partner at Agathon Group. His unrelenting commitment to client success, and dedication to quality service, have helped shaped the company into what it is today. “Joel …