WordPress Backups for Peace of Mind

When the WordPress dashboard alerts you to update a plugin, or WordPress core, it’s tempting to click “Update Now”, and be on your way. But did you know that taking a moment before updating, and running a one-time backup can save you from losing years of posts, pages, and comments when an update goes awry?

Hosting by Real People & for Real People with Joel Boonstra

Joel Boonstra joined Agathon Group nearly 12 years ago, when the company was a two-person operation. He was the first employee hire and, before long, was invited to become a partner at Agathon Group. His unrelenting commitment to client success, and dedication to quality service, have helped shaped the company into what it is today. “Joel …

Three ways to speed up your site load time, Part 2a: Optimize JavaScript

In our first article in this series, we talked about one way to speed up your site: optimizing your images. Here in part 2a we’ll talk about another optimization task: shrinking and combining your JavaScript files to help speed up your site’s delivery and display.

Answers to common questions about SSL certificates

We get a lot of support questions about “SSL” and most people are confused about the same things. You may be wondering whether to add an SSL certificate to your site. Maybe you’ve just added an e-commerce section to your website, or you’ve heard that it’s “the way of the future.” Adding an SSL certificate …