Hosting by Real People & for Real People with Paul Yuen

Paul in Michigan

When it comes to custom WordPress design or theme development, Paul Yuen is our go-to person. He joined Agathon Group in 2010 as Art Director, igniting a rebranding of the company, and creation of the first illustrations of Marvin. Today, he consults with our WordPress hosting clients to strategize, advise, and implement branding and website designs that support their business goals.

Plugin Announcement: Update WooCommerce Store Toolkit, WordPress User Meta Manager and WP User Frontend plugins

Three popular WordPress plugins were updated within the last 24 hours to fix severe vulnerabilities. If you use WooCommerce Store Toolkit, WordPress User Meta Manager, or WP User Frontend plugins, we recommend updating as soon as possible to keep your site secure. For more details about the updates or vulnerabilities, see this article from Wordfence. To verify whether your …

Hosting by Real People & for Real People with Brian Pikkaart


When Agathon Group’s first WordPress hosting clients arrived on the scene, they came looking for better hosting. Beyond just a bullet list of features, they needed friendly experts who would listen. Fortunately, they found Brian Pikkaart. As more clients arrived, Brian helped to create what is now AGhosted, Agathon Group’s managed WordPress hosting platform. Brian …