AGhosted Plugin Pick: Google Analytics by MonsterInsights

Keeping track of how visitors use your website is a good way to find new opportunities to connect with your readers and change your bottom line — whether that’s getting more people to read your content, building a community, or selling a product. But it can also be overwhelming because there is so much data …

WordPress Backups for Peace of Mind

When the WordPress dashboard alerts you to update a plugin, or WordPress core, it’s tempting to click “Update Now”, and be on your way. But did you know that taking a moment before updating, and running a one-time backup can save you from losing years of posts, pages, and comments when an update goes awry?

Three ways to speed up your site load time, Part 2a: Optimize JavaScript

In our first article in this series, we talked about one way to speed up your site: optimizing your images. Here in part 2a we’ll talk about another optimization task: shrinking and combining your JavaScript files to help speed up your site’s delivery and display.